Life is a journey.

There are no maps.

Going on the journey with someone by your side is a lot more interesting.

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You have goals.

You also have a life.

It helps to have someone who can help you bring those two things together.

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The time is yours, and we can talk about whatever you want–career, spiritual life, goals–you name it.

Aim High.

Nobody becomes successful on their own.

Organizations change as they grow and mature.

I can help your team at whatever stage you find yourselves. Consulting services include: team building exercises, discovering your mission/vision/values, strategic planning, and Campus Ministry. I can also lead retreats or spiritual “away days” for your organization, church, or team.

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What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual Direction, sometimes called Spiritual Companionship, is a process of deep listening. I listen to you, I help you listen to your inner voice of Wisdom, and we both listen together for the Voice of the Divine. It’s a little bit like therapy, in that the two practices share many of the same skills (listening, offering feedback), but spiritual direction focuses on a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to life. There are no diagnoses here, although I may occasionally invite someone I’m working with to also consider seeing a therapist or counselor.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process of identification. I help you identify your values, your personal mission/vocation, and your goals for how to get where you want to go. Coaching is actually more directive than spiritual direction! Expect to be challenged, and expect “homework” in between sessions, as you explore ever more deeply how you would like to fit into the world, and what unique contributions you can make in your chosen field of study or work.

What is consulting?

Consulting is a process of discovery. In order to grow and be effective, every organization must discover its mission, vision, values, and purpose. I can help you start with the “Why” of what you do, and then help your team or ministry to develop a mission and strategy to grow from there. Consultation may take the form of a one day retreat, a multi-day visioning event, or something that is unique to your situation. One we determine your group’s needs, we will lay out a plan for how to accomplish the consulting process, and negotiate a schedule and fee for services.

That all sounds great, but what if we just want you to lead a retreat?

Wonderful! I love leading retreats! I like to book retreats as far in advance as possible, though usually no farther our than one year from the date of the event. I can do one-day, two-day, weekend, or weeklong retreats. I generally charge a set price per day, which is negotiable, especially for smaller ministry teams, churches, and campus ministries. You can choose the theme, or choose from one of my “standard” retreats:

–Creation and Creativity
–An introduction to the “Wesleyan Windchime”
–St. Benedict’s Rule: Not Just for Monks
–Walking the Labyrinth and Other Ways to Pray
–Or, work with me to create a new retreat on the subject of your choice!